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The Boylan Heights neighborhood is one of Raleigh’s first planned suburbs. In design and architecture, it exemplifies middle class ideals of the early 1900s. Economic expansion in early 20th-century Raleigh resulted in an acute housing shortage. In response, real estate developers began purchasing portions of the old plantation lands ringing the city, where wooded lots, attractive architecture and restrictive covenants might attract would-be homeowners.

The winding streets of Boylan Heights are lined with trees and Craftsman bungalows. A walk through this peaceful neighborhood gives one a glimpse into the history of Raleigh architecture. Boylan Heights residents are often seen chatting on their front porches or walking their dogs along the hilly streets on their way to a local bakery.


Community events like the annual Boylan Heights ArtWalk bring this community even closer together. A nearby Raleigh Amtrak station gives commuters options, and the proximity to nearby downtown neighborhoods gives residents more nightlife options.



Wye Hill Restaurant

Boulted Bread

The Night Rider

Sam Jones BBQ

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