John Hubbard (he/him/his) has lived in the Raleigh area for over 15 years! He is a former Enloe Eagle and forever a member of the Wolfpack. After graduating from NC State, John relocated to New York where he worked as a marketing professional in the music industry. However, the time came to return to his beloved Raleigh and he made the move back down south.

Living and working in NYC helped John hone his hustling skills. With years of customer service under his belt, John is dedicated to providing a unique and fulfilling experience for every buyer/ seller navigating the real estate market, especially those doing it for the first time! John’s familiarity with all the Triangle area has to offer makes him the perfect broker to help you and your family find your next home.

In his spare time, John is playing volleyball and kickball as a member of a local LGBTQ+ sports league, hanging out at Raleigh’s best local haunts, and fighting for equity and diversity in his community.

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