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Raleigh’s real estate market is dynamic, displaying a healthy balance between buyer and seller activity. The city continues to experience steady growth, with a diverse range of properties available. While demand remains robust, the market’s stability creates favorable conditions for both buyers and sellers. For a more personalized analysis and to stay updated on the latest trends, feel free to contact our expert team at Rich Realty Group.

Rich Realty Group is dedicated to expediting your home-selling process through a combination of strategic marketing, extensive market knowledge, and a personalized approach. Our team leverages innovative marketing techniques, taps into an extensive network of potential buyers, and tailors our services to showcase your property’s unique appeal. By understanding the intricacies of the Raleigh market, we optimize every aspect of the selling journey to ensure a swift and successful transaction. For a more personalized explanation, feel free to contact our expert team at Rich Realty Group.

At Rich Realty Group, we employ a comprehensive approach to assess the value of your home. Our experienced team takes into account various factors, including the local market trends, comparable property sales, and the unique features of your home. Through a detailed property evaluation, we provide you with an accurate and competitive market value. The best way to get a personalized valuation tailored to your property is to contact our team for a consultation.

Absolutely — we believe every home can be made to look move-in ready and eye-catching to buyers. Rich Realty Group specializes in advising which impactful improvements and staging techniques will maximize your home’s market appeal. We get to know your property’s unique features and from there we can suggest enhancements that align with current market preferences. Whether it’s minor upgrades and repairs or professional staging, we provide guidance to elevate your home’s overall value and captivate potential buyers.

Sellers are responsible for paying a portion of closing costs in North Carolina including attorney preparation of the deed & lien waiver, NC transfer taxes (two dollars per thousand transferred), prorated property taxes, any HOA related transfer fee and any agreed Realtor commissions. Buyers’ typical closing costs, assuming they are getting a loan, are fees for their loan such as the origination fee, escrows (where the lender holds back extra money for insurance and taxes), prorated principle & interest for the month they close, prorated taxes, title insurance, closing attorney fees and if there is an HOA they occasionally collect fees in advance.

The time it takes to sell a home in Raleigh can vary based on factors such as location, market conditions, property specifics and the time of the year. On average, homes in Raleigh tend to sell within a reasonable timeframe due to the city’s active real estate market based on high demand and a steady influx of new residents. While any market can be unpredictable, Rich Realty Group brokers take care to set your expectations accordingly. Our strategic approach and marketing expertise aim to optimize the selling process, ensuring a successful transaction in a timely manner.

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