5 Simple Things to do Before Your House Goes on the Market

October 10, 2022 • Insights

It’s time to sell your house, but is it ready to go on the market? You can go ahead and sell your property as is, but that may not allow you to get the highest value out of your house. Even in a seller’s market, some things can still reduce the perceived value of any home. So after finding a skilled real estate agent from Rich Realty Group to consult, you may decide you want to tackle a few more projects.

Here are a few things any seller can do to help bump up their home’s value before it goes on the market.

Declutter The Home

Wiping down countertops, tables, windowsills, and other visible surfaces is a start. You don’t want prospective buyers sticking to any surfaces. Don’t forget to clean the flooring. Vacuum carpeting and sweep any hard floors, making sure to get into the corners. Dust, pet hair and other debris usually collect in corners and along baseboards.

Pick up any clothes, toys, boxes, and any other clutter you have lying around. You also want to clean up any entertainment components. Tuck cords for home theater projectors and other devices neatly away.

Instead of cramming your belongings in the garage or closets, consider renting a storage space. During the open house, visitors will be peeking in closets trying to get an idea of how much storage the home has to offer and it can be virtually impossible for buyers to imagine the storage potential in a home overflowing with the owner’s belongings.

Put Away Personal Belongings

Personal belongings make a home uniquely yours and it’s a problem for would-be buyers. It’s hard for them to imagine living in a space that’s distinctly someone else’s.

Your favorite family vacation photos may look great on the wall, but it’s distracting for potential buyers. It also applies to family heirlooms and other knickknacks.

Before the open house, put away any identifying or unique items. The goal is to give visitors a blank slate. You want them to picture themselves living in your home.

Remove Any Valuables

The majority of people going to an open house are interested in the property. Some will only be curious. They enjoy touring other homes. Unfortunately, a small percentage of attendees may walk through your home with an ulterior motive. Their goal is to see if you have anything of value.

You can easily avoid theft by removing any valuable items. It includes heirlooms, jewelry, and anything else of value that is easy to carry off.

Give the Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

You love your purple accent wall, but it may not appeal to buyers. Before placing your home up for sale, give your walls a fresh coat of paint.

Instead of choosing trendy colors, go for neutral tones. You don’t have to limit yourself to white, but it is recommended to avoid painting the walls or trim a bright color.

Neutral tones allow buyers to get a better feel for the space. They can also envision how it will look after they’ve put their touches on it.

Painting the walls also takes care of any scuff marks that can make a room look dirty and neglected, creating a fresh, clean, inviting atmosphere for potential buyers.

Give the House a Smell Test

All homes collect odors. Cooking, pets, and children can leave unique smells. You may not notice the odors, but others will.

Before showings start and especially before an open house, have a friend or family member wander through your home for a smell test. You may be nose-blind to any unpleasant odors. A good cleaning is always the best remedy to odor, but candles, air-fresheners and fresh air can lend a helping hand prior to going on the market.

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