Tips for Homebuyers: Hardboard Masonite

September 17, 2020 • Insights

If you can’t identify every single type of home siding, that’s okay, not many can — unless you’re Marshall Rich or any of the agents at Rich Realty Group. You shouldn’t have to know everything about the process, because one of the biggest perks of working with a qualified Raleigh REALTOR® is relying on their expertise to guide you throughout the homebuying process. This includes identifying and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different types of siding. It could be brick, stone, vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiber cement, asbestos, or hardboard masonite – just to name a few.

One particular siding that is common but harder to identify is Hardboard Masonite — not to be confused with Hardie Board, which is a long-lasting brand of fiber cement siding. Hardboard Masonite is a type of asbestos siding that resembles wood, or fiber cement siding but is different. In our latest video, Marshall Rich breaks down how to identify Masonite siding, and tips for keeping it in good shape to lock out moisture.

YouTube video

What to Look For:

  • Masonite has ridges in between boards that can help you identify it
  • Look for nail pops in the boards which are also common with masonite siding
  • Damaged or rotten boards near the bottom are a clear sign moisture has penetrated the siding
  • Replace damaged or rotten boards as soon as possible
  • Keep it painted! A fresh coat of paint on masonite siding helps to lock out moisture and prevent water damage to your home
  • Do not cut these masonite boards! Masonite is a type of asbestos siding, cutting it makes the asbestos “friable,” and therefore harmful if it gets in your eyes/mouth

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